Tips to a healthy and happier working day

Boosting Productivity

We all have those days where we don’t feel as productive and getting back into that mindset can be a hard task. We’ve jotted down our top techniques we use to boost productivity and ensure you get the most from your days in the office.

Eat Healthier

We’ve all been there, when the sugar cravings kick in but eating healthy foods throughout the day can avoid those energy crashes and keep your brain fuelled properly. So, banish that 3pm chocolate cravings and snack on healthier alternatives like, nuts fruits and veg to increase your energy levels and alertness.

Stock your office drawer with healthy alternatives and remember to drink enough water.

 Get moving

Taking regular breaks even we feel the most busy, improved focus. Take a walk, it’s been said that 10 minutes of exercise can improve your productivity.

Stand meetings:

Meetings with staff can often go on tangents, stand-up meetings keep things short and to the point. Between 5-15 minutes where things can be raised but nothings solved… not there and then anyway, this is a chance for staff to raise their questions

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