Award Winning
Career Coach,
Speaker & Trainer

As founder of confident coaching, Suzanne has all the knowledge and know how to help you run your own successful business.

Suzanne is an interactive and thought-provoking motivational keynote speaker. Her memorable talks engage the audience and inspiring them to take action.

The right frame of mind programme creates mental toughness either on a one on one basis of for a small team of coaches. Looking to transform their performance.

This coaching programme aims to increase performance levels within teams in order for increased performance and results for companies worldwide.

Suzanne’s work

Suzanne is motivated by making a difference and in the spotlight, she excels in doing this, customising her talks to the specific audience. Behind the scenes she is more than happy to host one on one’s and get together with small groups of people to inspire them to be the best they can be and give them the skills they need to take on the challenges they face.

Latest News

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